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group15"JAB15 is over", it saddens me to say that as this means that 6 months of hard work for the team has ended. We are a small team of just five people and it is a big commitment to put on this event but we do it because we love it. We love it because you love it. But we don't make JAB the success that you all say it is - you do.

"Companies can pay huge events but seriously the joy of communities at open source events you can't buy." Chris Heillman

As a team we put the pieces in place but it is all the participants that really make it happen. Without the speakers, sponsors, J-Factor participants and all the attendees JAB would not be the event that it is. A place of fun, warmth and being together.

Several times before JAB the Joomla world appears to be in turmoil and yet within just a few minutes of everyone arriving at JAB all of that has changed. You just can not beat meeting each other in person. Those people that "choose" not to attend really miss out. Without experiencing the true spirit of the Joomla community at J & Beyond you cannot get the real feeling of what it is to contribute to something bigger than yourself.

Every year each one of us in the team has their own aims, wishes and targets. Each year we surprise ourselves and surpass those.

JAB in Numbers

  • 9 minutes - fastest upload of a session recording
  • 10 brave participants in the JFactor
  • 12 JAB Scholarships
  • 22 Sponsors
  • 34 Countries
  • 34% of traffic done via IPv6
  • 54 sessions were recorded
  • 100% success on video recording
  • 226 Attendees
  • 318.5 GB traffic
  • 320EUR raised for apopo for Brian to wear the deminer vest
  • 478 unique devices connected to the wifi
  • 600 meters of cables
  • 700kg of video and network equipment
  • 1160EUR raised for apopo with tshirt sales


Scholarship Program

With a record number of sponsors this year (22) the JAB team were able to provide scholarships for twelve contributors from eight different countries.


For the first time we introduced a ticket to enable joomla spouses to attend and participate in the social activities.

"As a #jspouse who normally does not attend the conferences, even I can say I am feeling inspired by #jab15" - Pete Dunbar


We started this last year as something a little different to do in the evening. This year the quality was amazing. Songs, magic, beatboxing, magic and inline skating - Joomla really does have talent.

"Very cute idea to end a conference day with a talent show of people in the community" - Chris Heillman

If you didn't hear already the JFactor was hosted this year by Peter Dickson (the voice of the X-Factor on TV in the UK). Who knows maybe next year I will be able to get Simon Cowell himself to be a judge.

The JFactor was won by Søren Beck Jensen with a unique rendering of HalleJoomla. I am sure that this won't be the last time we hear this song at Joomla events across the world.

"Joomla Rocks" - Peter Dickson - the voice of the X-Factor

The Sessions

There were 54 sessions this year in four tracks so its not possible for everyone to attend every session. The amazing video team were able to record all the sessions so that you don’t miss anything. Just go the program and you will find all the videos.

Record your Memories

Please take a moment to record your own memory of J & Beyond so we have a permanent record of JAB15.

The future of J & Beyond

The event wasn't even over and the team started to look for a venue for next year. It is never easy to find a venue but we are searching for somewhere in Southern Europe this time - perhaps Italy.


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