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Joomla a family gathering

Today we are excited to announce that JAB16 will take place in Barcelona, Spain on 20 - 22 May. Every year J and Beyond, the only Joomla developer conference in the world, becomes more and more a family gathering.

The location

Based on attendee feedback we have selected a venue in a tourist city location but just outside the centre. The venue is connected to the main tourist locations and city centre by Metro and bus. The reasoning for this decision is twofold. You have the opportunity for people to stay at alternative locations eg airbnb or budget hostels or even 5 star deluxe if they wish. Or even combine JAB with a small holiday.

The price

JAB is all about the attendees - without you JAB would be an empty shell. JAB is run as a non-profit event and we work very hard every year to keep the costs as low as possible and run JAB on a tight budget. So for 2016 the Blind Bird ticket will be reduced to €185.

One More Thing

We are especially aware that almost every attendee has some travel expenses that add to the cost of the event.

In 2014, thanks to increased sponsorship, we had a small surplus. We were able to use this to reduce the cost of attending JAB15 in Prague and to provide a “scholarship” for twelve people to be able to attend.

But JAB15 was even better. With increased attendance and record sponsorship levels we are able to re-invest even more in Joomla and JAB16.

So today we are also able to announce a new JAB “scholarship” fund to help with travel expenses. We hope that this will help to ensure that everyone who wants to attend JAB16 is able to do so.

Further details and how to apply will be published on the website by 1st September.

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