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In the spirit of full transparency a summary of the finances for JAB15 are now available. As can be seen we were fortunate to have a surplus of almost €12,000 which as previously announced will be used for a scholarship program for JAB16 in Barcelona, Spain

 Euro €Euro €
Venue Check 746.00  
Printing and Goodies 2876.00  
Marketing 1850.00  
Services and Travel 7392.00  
Social Events 15020.00  
Travel Support Programme 5244.00  
Conference Packages + Room Rent 31251.00  
Free Ticket Sponsors 7164.00  
Free Ticket Team/Invited Speakers 2388.00  
Sponsorship   56950.00
Conference Tickets  


TOTAL INCOME    89791.00
TOTAL SURPLUS    11940.00

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