Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

Gold Sponsor

In the spirit of full transparency a summary of the finances for JAB16 are now available. As can be seen we were fortunate to have a surplus of almost €4000 which as previously announced will be used for a scholarship program for JAB17 in Karków, Poland.

Even if we haven't so much income from Sponsors this year as the year before, we could make some surplus, this was possible because of propper planning and wise spending of the money.


 Euro €Euro €
Goodies 2768.00  
Marketing 3125.00  
Equipment/Transport 5105.00  
Food/Drinks 34181.00  
Travel Support Programme 7800.00  
Team/Invited Speakers 7666.00  
Venue 6075.00  
Sponsorship   33340.00
Conference Tickets  


TOTAL INCOME    70664.00
TOTAL SURPLUS    3924.00

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