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The Most Common Security Flaws

What's a LFI? Or RFI? How to elevate one to another?
How about SQL injection and good old Bobby Tables?
What are the call signs for a security disaster?
What's a buffer and why does mine overflow?
A fun talk concerning IT security, focused on Web Applications in general, where you can learn the basic do's and don'ts of security.

Speaker: Mateusz Podraza

Matt started doing IT when he was 10, started doing freelance when he was 11. With over half his life committed to programming, he might just surprise you with some of the ins and outs of development.
With his first "serious" job being writing "cheats" for now un-popular MMORPG called MuOnline, he's going to guide you through how does anti-hacker protection work and why exactly the one in MuOnline sucked, and how does that transfer over to web-development.

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