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Prepare your extension for Joomla 4

The move to namespaces is one of the biggest changes in Joomla 4. I will explain our libraries backport and legacy forward approach, keeping full backwards compatibility. Like that an extension developer can keep the same code base for J3.8 and J4. How an extension structure will look like in Joomla 4 will be demonstrated as well by showing how com_content got migrated.

Speaker: Allon Moritz

In 2007 published Allon Moritz his first Joomla extension in the JED. It began as hobby and in 2015 did found Allon Moritz the Digital Peak GmbH company (joomla.digital-peak.com) which specializes in Joomla extension development. Allon Moritz, aka laoneo, helps actively in the development of the Joomla CMS on Github. For example the custom fields functionality is done by him. Currently he is a member of the "Production Department Team", leads the media manager team and is porting the Joomla CMS to namespaces in the Joomla 4 working group.

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