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Joomla with Bootstrap 4 - Templating and workflow

Bootstrap 4 is just better than Bootstrap 3 (or Joomla native Bootstrap 2 ) it uses recent methods and even though it is still alpha we use it over 2 years successfully on our own website.
The use of Bootstrap 4 is simple, but to make it work in Joomla! is not "instinctive". As Bootstrap 4 is Alpha the workflow has to be adjusted, that one can easily switch to the latest code basis and not loose all the former work.
There will be an introduction in Bootstrap 4 as well as an introduction to SASS, as Bootstrap 4 relies not anymore on LESS but on SASS. I will show practical examples and ways how to set up production process.

The Session is for developers and designers .... still a technical background is required.

Speaker: Frank Delventhal

I build websites since 1997 - during the year 2006 I became a fanboy of Joomla!. I have an agency for web-solutions in Hamburg. My interests are performance optimization for websites, mobile-first / responsive design.
I am a member of the Joomla! User Group Hamburg http://www.jug-hamburg.de/ and I do sessions at various Joomal!-Events (Jandbeyond 2013, Joomla! Day Germany [2012, 2013], JUG-Hamburg ]).
At the Joomla! Day 2012 in Denmark the Think Bigger Project was introduced. I loved the idea to use the great Joomla! community to make this world a better place. I am working on „small & practical“ solutions. For example at the JUG in Hamburg we will do workshops for self-aid groups so they can better further their good causes.

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