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Present Like a Pro - Top Ten Tips for Owning The Room

Want to take your speaking skills up a level?
You have mastered your technical topic, now can you own the room?

Whether at a conference, pitching a business idea, or in the spotlight at a management meeting,
even brilliant technologists need to learn how to become a polished presenter.
Your brilliant ideas will not find a sympathetic ear without clear and effective communication.

Presentation Style:
The critical content to include in the first 30 seconds. Connect or die!
Start with Why - Simon Sinek's advice on how to bypass filters in our listeners' brains.
Tricks of the masters to attain and keep perceived eye contact with your entire audience.
Owning the stage - when and how to move or pause to enhance impact.
Being Interactive - methods for continual audience engagement - how to keep the eyes off of eyephones.

Presentation Tools:
Review of popular presentation tools and how they can enhance or dilute your talk.
The anatomy of an ideal presentation slide.
"Tell don't show" v. "Show don't tell." Important reasons NOT to use a multi-slide presentation.
Using a screen to enhance your brand.

This session will explore ten time-tested and easy to learn techniques of the pros for improving your effectiveness the next time you have to speak on your feet.

Speaker: Duke Speer

Hooked on Joomla since 2008. Currently immersed in Recovery Elevated, a Joomla-curated smartphone-hosted open source non-linear learning application designed for addicts coming out of rehab to replace substance addiction with electronic addiction and other healthier habits.

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