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Say goodbye to var_dump($x);die();

You created the holy grail of extensions and yet for some reason it errors from time to time. “Traditionally” you would go and modify you code in strategic locations to insert the ominous var_dump($x);die(); sequence that would help you see whats going on. However this is error prone and so 1980’s.
Enter into the world of XDebug. With development environment it is infinitesimally to trace the flow of you program and inspect variables and do other nice things. We will explore debugging a web and cli application.
Additionally XDebug is the best alternative to documentation in inspection how things work.

Setting up and using XDebug can be a bit tricky with routers, firewalls etc, when working with more than one person on a project or simply when you are on the road. I will show how to use a proxy on your server and provide the swiss army knife for the tunneling solutions.

After this session you will never look back

Speaker: Marco Dings

Marco is a long-time technology professional based in the Netherlands, who cut his teeth in the early 90's writing his own Content Management System for his employer, eventually being fast-tracked into a management position where he was responsible for a team of consultants and software developers for embedded systems - the software which runs our TVs, video games consoles and phones to name but a few.

After starting his own business in software and consultancy, Marco decided to focus on web development using Joomla. Now fast tracking the business as co founder, and director of the Viryagroup (merging Virya Technologies & Dings IT Solutions (blox42) ).

Marco enjoys porting over the processes and best practices from embedded/consumer electronics software development to the world of the web and cms. He loves new technologies and likes to talk on a wide range of subjects from design, front-end development, programming to processes and project management

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