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Case Study : Giving a Joomla face to EkStep - a unique education platform

A radical change is happening in the way Indian kids learn ! EkStep is leading the way in India on how to use technology to provide better learning opportunities. It's built on a cutting edge stack - Cassandra, Elastic Search, Neo4j, Terraform, Ansible, Grafana, Sensu and a friendly Joomla! frontend. The EkStep platform infrastructure and tools increase access to learning opportunities by facilitating interactions between content creators, learning facilitators, organisations and the learner across contexts and types of content.

Learn how we are leveraging Joomla to give face to the power of the platform, and in the process building one of our best J! Implementations - enterprise class in every sense.

Speaker: Ashwin Date

I'm Ashwin, CTO for Techjoomla and Tekdi Technologies. My job involves finding and applying the best technologies available to solve the most complex problems in a simple way.

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