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How do you react when your partner asks you why you are late home from work again? Defending yourself? What do you tell an angry client calling you? How to tell your team member that you are really annoyed/insulted by his or her remarks about the quality of your work/life style/new sticker on your laptop? If you don't want to be driven by anger, shame, guilt,... I will tell you how this can be connected to giraffes and jackals and the whole concept of non-violent communication (NVC).

Speaker: Sigrid Gramlinger

Sigrid specialised on Joomla in 2010 after some years of trying different CMS and getting sick of static HTML and CSS. With her brand webgras, she is offering solid websites based on Joomla. She enjoys most to do stick to "Just Joomla" with as few extensions as possible and has done already some presentations on that topic at JoomlaDays in Austria and Germany. Since 2014, she initiated with some others the first JUG in Austria and the JoomlaDay Austria 2015 and 2016.

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