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10 strategies for making more money from Freelance Web Development to try in by the end of the year

Since the dawn of the web industry the debate has raged. Hourly vs Value-based.

Hourly billing only allows you to get paid for the time it takes to do something. Plus, there is no incentive to create something great, or quick. And because you’re selling time you have a limited supply. So you lose!

Value-based billing has as many definitions as it does flaws. How are you going to convince a client to share the value of success? And what if you don’t reach those goals, do you give money back?

What are pros and cons of both models? Which model is for an digital agency and which is better

Speaker: Bartek Jazwinski

CSO of Perfect Dashboard. Constantly inspired by architecture, cars and home appliances design. As a 5-year-old he sketched his first UX improvements to a TV and HiFi control panels. He believes that if you need to think while using something it means this thing is badly designed. Huge fan of Bruno Sacco. Uses vinyls as he likes to see music being played. Classic car collector to be.

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