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Augmentation of Existing Extensions using a Low-Code Platform

The creation of new Joomla extensions can be a time-consuming process for extension developers. This includes both scenarios, the development of new independent extensions (e.g. components) as well as new dependant extensions using existing ones (e.g modules). In our presentation, We will illustrate a model-driven process for both development scenarios using a low-code platform named JooMDD. JooMDD can be used within common IDEs and as platform-independent web application. The latter will be demonstrated within the talk, by means of the development scenario of augmenting an existing component by a new module.

Speaker: Dennis Priefer

Dennis Priefer has been developing Joomla extensions since 2008 (Joomla Version 1.0) and has technical expertise in several web technologies. He is a second year Ph.D. student in computer science at the Philipps University in Marburg, Germany. He is currently developing an Model-driven development infrastructure for Joomla extensions. In 2014 he presented his ongoing work ("Model-driven development of content management systems based on Joomla") in the doctoral symposium at the International Conference on Automated Software Engineering.

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