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Your Joomla dev-ops, ci & cd toolbox

This talk will provide a gourmet buffet of information and ideas for dev-ops, continuous integration and continuous deployment. It'll include a good spread of practical details on tools and systems, and their use with Joomla, that you can take home and try with your Joomla development and deployment. It'll include, among other aspects...
- Deployment automation
- Using Joomla docker containers
- Automated deployment with Akeeba UNiTE
- Scripting options and choosing between node.js, shell and php
- Headless browser options like Casper, PhantomJS and Zombie.js
- CI platform options, like GitLab, Bamboo, Travis, Jenkins and GoCD
- Simple monitoring solutions
- Diagnostic tools
The talk will be supported by a repository of examples code and notes in GitHub.

Speaker: Andy Gaskell

I'm a web developer based in Aberdeen, Scotland. I've been developing Joomla based solutions since the Mambo days. I've done several talks at Joomla day UK, as well as coding up Chiara's design for the 2014 site.

I've never made it to JAB before, so really looking forwards to it.

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