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Sylvain Laffont

Sylvain, a newcomer to the Joomla! Community, is a web and marketing expert. After 14 years at the heard of his own agency and looking for new challenges, it’s now with Acyba that he will continue to move forward. It’s with great passion that he likes to exchange about web thematic and share his experience.

Alexandre: His Joomla life started 4 years ago when he started doing an internship in the Acyba company. After having worked on the AcyMailing component during some months, Alexandre and the Acyba team decided to start a new project called AcySMS.
Alexandre is the main AcySMS developer and this opportunity provided him a lot of experience in Joomla!. As Alexandre has also developed the Acyba sending service, the SMS world holds no secrets for him.


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