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Klas Berlič

Creative strategic thinker. Coder. Designer. Speaker.

Klas Berlic is a founder of a boutique web and marketing communications agency Drzno, providing integrated communication solutions with focus on the digital communication and website development.

He met Joomla (Content Management System) in ancient times when she was still known as Mambo. Love at the first sight evolved in a long term relationship and beside his work for business clients, resulted in numerous bugfixes and his biggest contribution so far - a complete rewrite and implementation of caching in Joomla Opensource CMS His coding experience includes work on a travel booking engine, a content construction kit and a B2B ecommerce extension, all written in PHP/Javascript/Mysql. He specializes in performance optimization of the applications and has an outstanding ability to quickly track and resolve the most elusive bugs.

On the creative side he worked as a copywriter and/or designer for Slovenian brands like Cockta, Donat, Persen, Baumit. Hi also lead design of a large number of websites, ranging from formal corporate to highly funky event sites.

As a political marketing strategist and campaign communication manager he led 3 highly successful local election campaigns with his client dethroning an incumbent at the first one.

Personally enjoys doing things as much different as humanly possible - including sports, design, photography, coding and travelling the world. Among other things he managed to ran a marathon, publish a poetry book and organize a 48hours nonstop music festival.


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