group pic barcelona

JAB is about friendship and working together. This year we created a special ticket to support people who aren’t able to afford the regular price for the ticket. In fact we are making a real deficit on every ticket we sell for the price of 99 Euro. We do it because we love the Joomla! community and we want to ensure that everybody can be an important part. Some people find it hard to pay the full price, sometimes it is only a few Euros that makes it not an option to come to JAB. To meet and to be connected to the community is important and helps the individual and the community to be as close as they can.

Myself, the organisers of JAB, and the German community have done a lot to make the international connection possible. We believe that sharing a beer at the bar and having a conversation is medicine for the community. We here in Germany have done this since 2004 at a time when Joomla! was Mambo, we hope we inspired other communities and gave a good example.

We send our best wishes to all the people at JWC in Canada. We wish you a lot of fun and hope to see you here in Europe for the JandBeyond Conference 2017 in Kraków.

Robert and the JAB Team