We thought it would be a good idea and we still think it is, but sadly the workshops got close to zero interest.

We, as JandBeyond, are a not-for-profit organisation and we can’t take the huge financial risk that comes with offering such a workshop day when realising it doesn’t work. So we had to make the hard decision to cancel the workshops now to minimize any financial loss. Today was this day.

Our main idea was to allow JAB attendees to benefit from attending high quality workshops with a minimum of additional resources. Most Joomla! companies are small and attending workshops to acquire new, and expand, knowledge and skills is not so easy. We thought by combining these workshops with JAB it would be beneficial for you.

We are sorry that this hasn’t worked very well and we would like to hear other opinions on the matter. What are the reason why YOU haven’t booked a workshop? We are curious to understand why we were so wrong with our concept. An email to contact@jandbeyond.org would be great.