Dear Joomla-Friends,

As many of you already realized, an announcement regarding the date and location of J&Beyond 2019 is way long overdue – a void, that we want to fill with this message.

During JAB18 in Cologne, we mentioned that the we are looking into alternative conference formats, mainly for two reasons:

  1. The JAB’s concept hasn’t changed from 2010 and we got the impression that it’s time for some innovation
  2. For us as a team, organizing JAB became a less motivating challenge, as we basically just repeated last years event

During our closing survey in last years JAB, we found out that the most important part for those who visit JAB is the “hallway track”.  So, for 2019, we developed the idea of emphasizing this part. JAB always was about giving people the chance to meet each other, learn from each other and become friends with each other. The “content” aspect of the event, happening in the sessions, clearly had it’s part too, but became less important to many attendees over the years.

So for the 2019 edition, we targeted a “holiwork”-style event: let’s get a bunch of nice houses somewhere in the sun, assign topics to each house and let people organize the actual “program” happening there on their own, giving them room for different types of presentations, workshops or just allowing them to “hang out” with each other. We targeted this for late 2019 to make sure we are off-season, giving us reasonable prices. We presented this vision during our associations’ general assembly in November 2018 to get formal approval from our members, which we unanimously got.

Afterwards, we as a team got involved in various personal projects, resulting in a “break” of the organizational work. This break pretty much took place like 6 weeks ago, where we started to look into potential venues and dates again. Then we realized that with JWC coming back in November, our own local JoomlaDay Germany in September and the holiday season before that timespan, we run out of options for the second half of the year.

We started requesting offers for an event in May, however with just 10 weeks left and most affordable venues already being booked, we had to make a tough decision: J&Beyond will have to take a break in 2019.

We realize, that many of you have been looking forward to the event and same have we, but with the very little options for a proper date we are just not able to deliver an event in the quality we want to.

However, this gives us the chance to look into an Event in the first half of 2020 as it will be out 10th JAB we will make sure to make this an amazing one.

We wish you a great year 2019 and hope to see many of you at a fantastic JWC 2019 in London!

- the JAB Team