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Plesk’s platform including Joomla Toolkit empowers devs, admins, and hosters to run, automate and grow their business. For 15 years, it’s added value across many cloud services with its simple, secure web infrastructure. Now, Plesk is a WebOps leader behind 380K servers, 11M sites and 19M mailboxes. Half the top 100 service providers worldwide are Plesk partners today. Visit one of 2,500+ hosting partners to join them or find us on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Vultr and DigitalOcean.


There are many hosting providers – but is different. For 15 years the expert in the ISP industry has offered professional services for professional users. From Web Hosting to server clusters, creates trendsetting solutions: not from the provider’s viewpoint but from the client’s one. You benefit from maximum performance and flexibility and an unique API-First concept.

Mittwald was founded in 2003 and is today one of the leading web hosting companies specialized in services for agencies and freelancers. Our tools help you to deal with specific everyday tasks.

Due to our broad Joomla! experience our experts in the customer support are happy to help you with all questions concerning the CMS. Additionally we provide 1-click-installations and our TÜV-certified data center is located centrally in Espelkamp, Germany. Many of you might have met us already during several camps, as we are an active member of the Joomla! community.

If you want to check all the Mittwald features and tools upfront, sign up for a free 30-day test account.


The digital world is becoming more and more important and Host Europe embraces change and growth. We offer a huge range of products, from domains and web hosting to servers. All of these utilize high-quality hardware that is powerful enough to meet the needs of our high-demand customers, including large companies, technology experts and digital pioneers. Our dedicated team of experts are available around the clock to support our customers with any of our products.

We guarantee an outstanding quality of service and products, which is proven by the many awards we have won. Host Europe is a GoDaddy brand, the world's largest domain name registrar and hosting provider.


Contentful provides content infrastructure for digital teams to power websites, apps, and devices. Unlike a CMS, Contentful was built to integrate with the modern software stack. It offers a central hub for structured content, powerful management and delivery APIs, and a customizable web app that enable developers and content creators to ship their products faster.


CloudAccess offers a complete web hosting and support platform for Joomla!

You can launch a Joomla! site and build as long as you’d like for FREE. Unlike other free Joomla! hosting options, we give you a version of Joomla that is completely functional - we haven’t locked any features.

Paid hosting and support plans offer support from our industry-leading support team, more resources and access to the Cloud Control Panel's built in features to help you manage your site. was the first official Joomla! Demo partner, who helped launch the program and continued to host and develop it for 4 years.

Grow Under is a multidisciplinary team of experienced developers, integrators, designers, copywriters, digital marketeers and content managers. We work to fulfil or clients' needs 24/7 in a totally remote manner, always connected - because the World Wide Web never stops.

We provide web development and site management services, with focus on Joomla. Our main mission is to ensure our clients get reliable and robust websites, with responsive and user-friendly web designs. We help to get the search engines attention, and therefore to obtain better conversion rates.

With a high level of professionalism, affordable solutions, a fair pricing without hidden charges, Grow Under is a reliable partner to get your business to the next level - and we are 100% human, always ready to listen to our clients' needs.

Here at JetBrains, we develop the tools relied on by developers to create some of the world's most advanced software. With over 15 years of cutting-edge innovation, we have strived to implement the features top performing development demands. Our IDE packages help you to work faster by automating common, repetitive tasks, enabling you to stay focused on code design and the big picture. We provide tools to explore and familiarize yourself with code bases faster and make it easy for you to take care of the code quality through all the stages of development so you can spend less time on maintenance tasks in the future.

PWT Extensions Perfect Web Team is an enthusiastic team of Joomla! specialists from the Netherlands. While working on projects for our clients we develop extensions that make Joomla even more powerful and user-friendly.

We are really excited about these new Joomla extensions and we recently introduced: PWT SEO, PWT Image, PWT SItemap and PWT ACL. Check our website to learn more about how our new Joomla-extensions add a great value to the websites you are creating for your clients!

Extensions.Perfectwebteam | PerfectWebTeam

Our mission is to transform businesses to simplify growth.

We create simple solutions to complex problems. Explore our Joomla! extensions such as PixGDPR, PixBuilder, PixTracker and PixCookies Restrict that can help you grow. Visit Pixpro Labs to discover how.

When you want to develop yourself and your business, get inspiration & tips from others and reach your goals – join the Pixpro Inner Circle, a global mastermind for small business owners. Visit Pixpro Inner Circle to learn more.

For years Regular Labs has been setting the standard with an ever-growing collection of highly rated extensions, like Advanced Module Manager, Articles Anywhere, Modules Anywhere, Modals, Sourcerer, ReReplacer, Tabs, Sliders, etc.

Regular Labs mainly offers extensions to make your life as a Joomla web builder or administrator easier. Do stuff faster or even do stuff that seemed impossible.

Regular Labs is also the driving force behind the extension ‘What? Nothing!’.

SiteLock, the global leader in website security, is the only provider to offer complete, cloud-based website protection including automated malware protection and removal, as well as automated core CMS vulnerability patching. Its 360-degree monitoring finds and fixes threats, prevents future attacks, accelerates website performance and meets PCI compliance standards for businesses of all sizes. Founded in 2008, the company has an industry-leading threat database and protects over 12 million websites worldwide. For more information, please visit

Techjoomla is focussed on providing innovative, top notch solutions for the Joomla Community. We are an experienced and passionate team with fire in our bellies to innovate and solve the toughest problems.

We develop popular Joomla extensions for Chat, Viral Invitations, Crowd funding, Advertising, Newsletters, Ecommerce, Social Networks & EL earning. Popular ones include Invitex, SocialAds, jGive,jBolo, Quick2Cart, jTicketing, Shika and more.

Techjoomla is brought to you by Tekdi Technologies, an established company working with Joomla since the Mambo days.Bespoke Development services for Web and Mobile are also provided via our parent company. We love working with Joomla, Angular, React & Node.js ! | |

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