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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

A day in the life of a UX designer

As a designer myself I observe the world around me with attention and a critical eye.
But apparently I am not the only one that it is looking for flawless experiences.
I know lot of people that get frustrated with a badly designed product. Most of the time they blame themselves when actually the flaw is in the product they are using.

User experience is not that unknown aspect of designing a product left only to the most forward-thinking companies to master. It is a logic-based process propped on the understanding of how people use and enjoy a product on a daily basis.

As designers we need to think about the way users interact with their product in the field and provide the best possible experience based on the feedback.

Your users expect that the product is not only functional and beautiful, but also able to proactively fulfill their needs. When it doesn’t, you may find that users feel stupid or even worse, cheated. This brings on the anger.

Researchers estimate that by 2020 user experience will overtake price and product as the determining factor in purchasing decisions. So it is about time to understand what UX is and how you can give your customers the best experience ever.

In this funny and colourful presentation I will talk about my personal experience with poorly designed products and how those examples could be applied to improve your design, whether is a website or an application.

Speaker: Chiara Aliotta

Chiara Aliotta is the founder and creative director of Until Sunday. She has many years of experience in art direction, brand development and illustration. She blogs about the beauty of typography, the importance of good design and her life as a designer. She is also a public speaker and always thinking up new ways to grab the audience’s attention with her unique style.

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