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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

Super Size Your Security

As a Joomla user, you have no security insight, not for the bots that scan your application, nor for tageted attacks. What if you could get a Slack / Glip message the moment you are attacked - and block him immediately?

During this talk, we show how to setup Joomla with a Security Plugin that monitors your installation against attackers. Next to that, you can filter out the tools and only be alerted on severe attacks. With the open source tools that are presented, you are then able to block the attacker from your infrastructure, for example using CloudFlare.

This will be a demo-based talk.

Speaker: Ruben van Vreeland

Ruben van Vreeland is a young veteran ethical hacker. With BitSensor he gave security advise to the greatest web platforms, such as LinkedIn, eBay, Indiegogo and

In the present day Ruben is a speaker at major conferences such as Hack In The Box/HAXPO where he spoke on advanced XSS, j-Fall, GOTO Amsterdam and Berlin, Holland Strikes Back, and more.

With BitSensor he has created a radical new approach on fighting attacks on web platforms using embedded security.

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