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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

Using Joomla Component Builder

Joomla Component Builder (JCB) is but one of the solutions to helping you build your component. Until now JCB has kept out much of the spotlight, but it is definitively an alternative to consider. JCB has been around for quite some time it is opensource and as such its "free", it recently stepped up its documentation effort.
There is a learning curve to using JCB as the tool was initially setup with a developer mind. Having said that, that is what kind of attracted me to it as one of the features allows for modification of any of the generated source-code which then is "imported" back into the builder so when you "regenerate" you will not loose them.
Theoretically that could mean that when going to joomla 4 ( when support is ready ) you can compile/regenerate and have a joomla 4 component.
JCB supports many standard joomla concept so you get ACL, multilingual, version-history, categories, repeatable sub-form fields out of the box, as well as support for bs3, ui-kit, bs4 .
In this session want to share with you experiences based on the use-case of a website i was volunteered/drafted to by my son Alex. Since the area to be covered is so complex i will not be able to cover all, but it should give a good impression if it would to the job for you.

Speaker: Marco Dings

Marco is a long-time technology professional based in the Netherlands, who cut his teeth in the early 90's writing his own Content Management System for his employer, eventually being fast-tracked into a management position where he was responsible for a team of consultants and software developers for embedded systems - the software which runs our TVs, video games consoles and phones to name but a few.
After starting his own business in software and consultancy, Marco decided to focus on web development using Joomla. Fast tracking the business as co founder, and director of the Viryagroup following JandBeyond 2013 (merging Virya Technologies & Dings IT Solutions BV.).

Marco is a member of the Joomla Production Leadership, he leads the development of Joomla! X and participates the new Media Manager. Marco enjoys porting over the processes and best practices from embedded/consumer electronics software development to the world of the web and CMS. He loves new technologies and likes to talk on a wide range of subjects from Joomla!X design, front-end development, programming to processes and project management

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