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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

Joomla as a mobile App backend

This talk will describe ideas, principles and methods related to building mobile App backends in Joomla. The joomla front end it an ideal tool to provide app content administrators the ability to control their app. We'll look at several examples of this process for Apps developed for the UK education sector. The Apps typically use RESTful JSON interfaces to pull and push data to and from the Joomla backend.

Within Joomla the FieldsAttatch a jBackend are used and extended upon. We'll look at the Joomla solution, what we used and what we added. We'll also touch on App development, including cross platform native app development with Ti Appcelerator, continuous integration of multiple rolling releases, team skill-sets, privacy issues and business cases.

It'll be a narrative of the project's journey, ideas, paths and reflections.

Although there will be some technical detail, it should appeal more generally too.

Speaker: Andy Gaskell

I'm a web developer with 20 years experience, based in Aberdeen in Scotland, having lived in London, Edinburgh, Sydney, and Glasgow before that. My Joomla journey started with Mambo, through developing web sites, systems, shops, cbt platforms and middleware, and now mainly Joomla based mobile App & API systems. When I'm not writing code I'm mainly doing family stuff with my kids, and hacking hardware when they've gone to bed.

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