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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

Building an elegant Joomla development workflow using Akeeba Unite

We carry out occasional development work on the Joomla sites for a variety of clients. To simplify the development workflow over the past year we made extensive usage of the Akeeba Unite CLI - embedded within a dedicated Joomla instance - to enable the rapid creation and re-deployment of off-site dev sites. We would like to present this tool and talk about the process of creating it, etc. This tool:
- allows us to develop entirely offsite- saves us a great deal of time in site creation, etc.- allows us to temporarily 'freeze' the live site during development- allows multiple developers to maintain an overview of who is working on what- allows us to select/deploy Akeeba backups from Amazon S3

Speaker: Zoran Tanevski

Zoran Tanevski has been tinkering with Joomla! since version 1.0.8. He likes to think he knows a couple of important things about web development. Lately he enjoys building the most complicated RSForms you can imagine for the web agency

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