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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

BYOF - Bring your own frontend - Content as a service

Start with separation of content and form: doing this helps addressing content fragmentation and surviving the content apocalypse (the multitude of devices that you need to push your content to).
Build an API before anything else: your API is connecting the dots, transforming unstructured to structured content
BYOF - Bring your own frontend: build a set of frontend tools that take care of the presentation layer (your web application)
Use Frontender to manage your presentation layer. This Electron desktop app allows content managers to manipulate frontend containers, adapt and create new landing pages and control URL routing

Speaker: Thierry Lewyllie

Web Coordinator at CTA - Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation. Technical lead for the development of an API based content as a service platform for CTA. Currently implementing the building blocks of this microservice-architecture based content platform, using content-based filtering algorithms, natural language processing techniques, graph database technology, semantic search and JSON-LD.

Speaker: Babs Gösgens

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