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11-13 May 2018Cologne-Germany

Session List

A modern extension for Joomla

In this session, we are going to talk about the techniques and technologies necessary to develop a state of the art extension. Building on top of a classic component that includes modules and plugins, we are going to add a quality assurance procedure, progressive features, packaging tools and continuous deployment services.

Speaker: Anibal Sanchez

An introduction to Motion Design in User Interfaces

An introduction to Motion Design in User Interfaces Motion Design becomes more and more relevant in user interfaces, actually it is allready omnipresent in modern GUIs. On the one hand nice animations create personality and bring joy. On the other hand they can increase the usability of an interface. Let's explore this additional layer to the visual design which should be used.

Speaker: Lukas Jardin

Building a layout worth $50 million with CSS Grid

An introduction to CSS Grid, with an overview of 'traditional' methods of creating HTML page layouts, some comments on Flexbox and CSS Grid and finally a live recreation (possibly as an interactive workshop) of Mondrian's 'Composition No. III, with Red, Blue, Yellow and Black' from 1929. using CSS Grid:,_with_red,_blue,_yellow_and_black,_1929.jpg

Speaker: Zoran Tanevski

Building an elegant Joomla development workflow using Akeeba Unite

We carry out occasional development work on the Joomla sites for a variety of clients. To simplify the development workflow over the past year we made extensive usage of the Akeeba Unite CLI - embedded within a dedicated Joomla instance - to enable the rapid creation and re-deployment of off-site dev sites. We would like to present this tool and talk about the process of creating it, etc. This tool: - allows us to develop entirely offsite- saves us a great deal of time in site creation, etc.- allows us to temporarily 'freeze' the live site during development- allows multiple developers to maintain an overview of who is working on what- allows us to select/deploy Akeeba backups from Amazon S3

Speaker: Zoran Tanevski

BYOF - Bring your own frontend - Content as a service

Start with separation of content and form: doing this helps addressing content fragmentation and surviving the content apocalypse (the multitude of devices that you need to push your content to). Build an API before anything else: your API is connecting the dots, transforming unstructured to structured content BYOF - Bring your own frontend: build a set of frontend tools that take care of the presentation layer (your web application) Use Frontender to manage your presentation layer. This Electron desktop app allows content managers to manipulate frontend containers, adapt and create new landing pages and control URL routing

Speakers: Babs Gösgens (Brickson)

Centralising of resources across multiple Joomla websites

For one client we have implemented 10+ large sites which share a common corporate identity, involving many aspects of the layout and visual design. To simplify development, over the last 18 months we progressively centralised many of the aspects of these J! installations, including CSS, JS, many PHP layout files, almost the entire template, shortcodes (ReReplacer), language strings, serving of PDF files, Google CSE, ... Along the way we have made plenty of mistakes, learned a great deal and ultimately achieved our goals.

Speaker: Zoran Tanevski

Continuous Integration with Jenkins Pipeline

Learn about the newly Introduced Jenkins Pipeline Plugin, Integrate the plugin for Continuous Integration in the development process of your Joomla extension, Have a look at a working example of Parallel Stages in Jenkins Pipeline using Docker Containers as agent to run headless test on Chrome using Codeception and Selenium.

Speaker: Puneet Kala

Crowdsource your translations (without spending a fortune)

In this session Nicholas will explain how to use Weblate for translating your extensions and what are the pitfalls when using it.

Speaker: Nicholas Dionysopoulos

Designing and templating with Joomla is easy

I want to claim that designing a website with joomla is one of the easiest tasks to do. From simple arrangements of modules on a page to complicated structuring with overriding the template. I would show design samples and the techniques I use to make them happen on a joomla website. I might also talk about redesigning an already built up joomla website.

Speaker: Shirat Goldstein

From 0 to Joomla! in 5 years

Personal journey from knowing nothing about Joomla! to having a career in it and contributing with the project in 5 years.

Speaker: Noemi Sanchez del Rio

Goodby *::getInstance

In Joomla 4 we are moving towards a service oriented architecture. This means we are working with a DI container and interfaces. I will explain the benefits, why we we want to leave the ages of static calls behind us and how all of that got implemented in a backwards compatible way.

Speaker: Allon Moritz

Hack your own site - Attack as best defense

Nowadays most attacks on websites are executed by automated hacker scripts. Of course, you have your Joomla site and extensions up-to-date to the latest versions, backup your site regularly and you have a reliable hosting party. What else can you do? Hack your own site! Just like the automated hackscripts do. Don't try this on your live site though. In the worst case you kill your site, or get an IP block by your hosting provider. In this presentation + demo, Peter shows you how you can set up local test environments (using Virtualbox, Vagrant and Ansible) and release automated hackscripts on it.

Speaker: Peter Martin

Join the club: The Subscription Model

Club Plans and Subscriptions are nothing new to Joomla Developers, and now big business has caught on. Everywhere we look companies are selling services from SaaS solutions to pet food; the subscription model is at it's prime. In this session, Jason Nickerson will expose the pitfalls, high points and the future of the subscription model.

Speaker: Jason Nickerson

Let’s build a Joomla PWA PWS website

A session to collectively demonstrate all the best practices of 2018. Starting from a blank template to the final website using all the buzzwords of the year: critical assets, lazy loaded assets, lazy loaded images, images with source sets and even webp format, manifest, serveice worker. Join the event and get a handful of plugins and boilerplate code for all your next projects.

Speaker: Dimitris Grammatikogiannis

Mastermind - a session where you work ON your business

A Mastermind style session where you are participating in a discussion where we work together ON each other's businesses. Participating professionals who have expertise in other areas of business than your individual core competency confer together like a board of advisors to one other. You get insights and tips from their know-how and experience with the group. If you are a small business owner you don’t want to miss this opportunity to get valuable ideas how to make 2018 even a better year for your business.

Speakers: Sarah Watz + (Rod Martin, Joe Sonne will join the session online via Zoom)

Not just a pretty face: How to design and build a cross-CMS CSS framework for extensions

In this session, Crystal of Lucid Fox will walk you through the steps she took to build Akeeba FEF, a CSS framework that Akeeba now uses to ensure their extensions are consistent with their brand across Joomla, WordPress, and standalone PHP software. You’ll learn about creating a design system, writing CSS in a way that’s easily maintained and upgraded, and tips on implementing this system across multiple platforms.

Speaker: Crystal Harris

Once upon the time. How to create powerful visual storytelling on the web.

Have you noticed that these days every brand has a story and every designer is a "storyteller"? Storytelling is the buzzword of our days. From marketing experts to motivational speakers, everyone tries to entertain and engage people with a story they want to share, retell, or participate in. What it may look as a new trend, actually is as old as the humankind: storytelling is the primary way we absorb, manage, store, access and communicate information, as well as connect with others. In a world overloaded of messages and products, the interest in this discipline has grown fast and stories are seen as a way to engage in some sort of decision-making or action in order to create a resolution. However, building a powerful and memorable story on the web is not easy: it is no about how a medium can help you to communicate your stories but it is about how you can incorporate storytelling in your medium in order to communicate your messages more effectively. In this talk, following the three-act structure that Aristotle came up with over two thousand years ago (beginning, middle and end), I will introduce some important elements that all stories have – characters, plot, action, emotion – and how we can connect them to leverage all aspects of web design into one beautiful visual story that compels your users to continue scrolling down their pages!

Speaker: Chiara Aliotta

Podcasting with Joomla! - That's how I do it

Podcasting keeps growing and lots of journalists have found in it a way of living. In Joomla! we have awesome tools to create great podcasting sites and to grow a community around it. In this session I will show the benefits of podcasting and I will show the tools I use in my own podcast.

Speaker: Carlos Cámara

Practical guide to comply with GDPR

GDPR is really close with May 25 to start. If you have a company – even outside the EU - and handle any personal data of EU citizens (i.e. website visitors, clients, suppliers,…), there is no way around it: you must comply! But you don't know how? I will explain in simple words, with lots of examples and easy to understand explanations where you have to start and what you have to do. At the end of the session you will know how to comply.

Speaker: Sigrid Gramlinger

School Management System

I would like to talk and show a set of extensions to build school website and to manage students, grades, study guides etc.

Speaker: Ivan Komlev

Site-Searching in Joomla 4.0

Joomla 4.0 will greatly improve on searching in itself. Learn about the changes in Finder and how to leverage this new power in your 3.x site today.

Speaker: Hannes Papenberg

Super Size Your Security

As a Joomla user, you have no security insight, not for the bots that scan your application, nor for tageted attacks. What if you could get a Slack / Glip message the moment you are attacked - and block him immediately? During this talk, we show how to setup Joomla with a Security Plugin that monitors your installation against attackers. Next to that, you can filter out the tools and only be alerted on severe attacks. With the open source tools that are presented, you are then able to block the attacker from your infrastructure, for example using CloudFlare. This will be a demo-based talk.

Speakers: Ruben van Vreeland, Marco Dings

The power of Subforms in Joomla

Soren will show the power of subforms and the flexibility they offer in Joomla component development. The talk will discuss the do's and don't of subforms including when it is a good idea to use them and when it might not be the best choice.

Speaker: Soren Jensen

The Spirit of Open Source

Open source is a powerful concept and used correctly it evolves a powerful & sustainable ecosystem around it. Open source can be a powerful strategy that drives growth and innovation. Learn how you or your company can adopt this powerful tool that not only increases your development velocity but also drives you to innovate and make a difference all while running a sustainable business around it !

Speaker: Parth Lawate

The Volunteer Ladder

Joomla is the probably the largest completely volunteer organisation in the world and yet we do it all wrong. We celebrate a volunteer's efforts based on the hours they give or the number of commits, forum answers or documentation edits they make. There is a better way, a more productive way and a more successful way. Let's take a lesson from a 12th century Spanish/Egyptian philosopher and change how we volunteer to Joomla!

Speaker: Brian Teeman

Turn caffeine into code and money

Developers are the creatures that turn caffeine into code, right? Some years ago I took that literally and build up an successful online shop for traditional roasted coffeebeans. This session is about our daily companion coffee - if you know more about your raw material, you probably create better output. Additionally I will give you a quick overview about the aquired insights which steps lead us to success and which not ...

Speaker: Elisa Foltyn

URLs in Joomla - How to get it right

Joomla overhauled its routing system. Learn about the changes, how to adapt your component and how you can modify the system behaviour.

Speaker: Hannes Papenberg

Using Joomla Component Builder

Joomla Component Builder (JCB) is but one of the solutions to helping you build your component. Until now JCB has kept out much of the spotlight, but it is definitively an alternative to consider. JCB has been around for quite some time it is opensource and as such its "free", it recently stepped up its documentation effort. There is a learning curve to using JCB as the tool was initially setup with a developer mind. Having said that, that is what kind of attracted me to it as one of the features allows for modification of any of the generated source-code which then is "imported" back into the builder so when you "regenerate" you will not loose them. Theoretically that could mean that when going to joomla 4 ( when support is ready ) you can compile/regenerate and have a joomla 4 component. JCB supports many standard joomla concept so you get ACL, multilingual, version-history, categories, repeatable sub-form fields out of the box, as well as support for bs3, ui-kit, bs4 . In this session want to share with you experiences based on the use-case of a website i was volunteered/drafted to by my son Alex. Since the area to be covered is so complex i will not be able to cover all, but it should give a good impression if it would to the job for you.

Speaker: Marco Dings

Using TDD to develop your Joomla extensions

Embrace modern practices and use Test Driven Development to release fully tested extensions from day 1. It's easy, it's fast and will make your extensions better for your clients and for other developers.

Speaker: Roberto Segura

Using Twig as rendering system for your Joomla extensions

JLayout is a good rendering solution but is a Joomla solution. In this session I will explain what are the benefits of using a library that is used in other PHP projects and how to do it. We will learn to even allow it to be 100% compatible with any existing extension.

Speaker: Roberto Segura

Vue.js 2 - Getting Started

Tired of jQuery? You want to crate modern Web Applications, but you are afraid of the size of Angular or React? Try Vue.js! Build cool things in no time, during the 45 minutes session we take an comprehensive overview over Vue.js. From installation, configuration, components over the template syntax. And last but not least, how can i integrate my results into a PHP application like Joomla?

Speaker: Yves Hoppe

Web Dev Kev is old enough to drink

This year marks the 21st anniversary of Kev the Web Dev. Lets look through the photo album :)

Speaker: Kevinjohn Gallagher

Webpack and Joomla (or any other PHP application)

How can you integrate a modern JavaScript ES6 (>= ES2015) application into an "old" PHP application into Joomla? This session guides you on how to set up your environment for easy development (hot reloading etc.) until the final deployment.

Speaker: Yves Hoppe

Working Community: Get Involved, Inspire Others

Former Joomla President, Robert Jacobi, will discuss the ins and outs of the Joomla Leadership structure and talk about the variety of ways to get involved in the community. Attendees will leave knowing: - Where to find the latest details on the project - Where needs exist in the project - How to spend 5 minutes or 5 hours a week growing your career through Joomla

Speaker: Robert Jacobi

Working effectively with Joomla!

As a web developer working with Joomla! I like to spend my time creating effective and easy-to-manage solutions for our clients. The less time I have to spend on unnecessary support, like editing content, the better. For this, I have found that letting our clients manage all their content using only Joomla! articles works really well. At the same time, I need to keep design and functionality out of the articles for this to work. This could limit what we can achieve, but it doesn’t have to. In this session I will demonstrate how you can set up a website with relationships, complex layouts and a slim structural footprint using Joomla! core, PixBuilder and Advanced Module Manager.

Speaker: Claes Holmgren

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