It is a peculiar programming language in many ways, but the most extraordinary fact about JavaScript is that almost everybody starts using it and only then, maybe, comes around to study JS like any other programming language. Many frontend developers simply rely on StackOverflow and jQuery to get the job done. And this approach mostly sort of works!

If this state of affairs sounds familiar (and maybe slightly disconcerting) to you, this is the workshop for you. Together we will search for the historical reasons behind JavaScript's strange nature, demystify the most confusing parts about its syntax and semantics, talk about surviving without jQuery and explore some of it's latest (and greatest) features and libraries. If you know enough JavaScript to get by but want to achieve a better understanding of the language and it's environment, join us for JavaScript Fundamentals - and remember to bring your own questions!

Trainer Profile: Peter Kröner

Noted author and frontend technology expert Peter Kröner specializes in the web standards for tomorrow. The fruits of his research about standards and their browser implementations find their way into books, blog posts, podcasts as well as talks and workshops about JavaScript, HTML5 and fontend development in general. Before becoming a full-time trainer on web technologies in 2009, Peter Kröner worked as an independent frontend developer.