Vue.js is a popular JavaScript-Web-Framework that you can use to build small and large client applications. It provides all modern features of JavaScript development, regular releases, stable APIs and an active ecosystem. With all these features it is an exciting alternative to AngularJS and React.

To get started Vue.js requires you to learn only a minimal set of concepts. You can add more advanced features as your application grows or the need arises from the functionality you build.


This workshop shows you how to build single page HTML5 applications with Vue.js. With hands-on-examples you learn about the the concepts and standard components of Vue.js.


Recommended existing skills: Basics HTML and JavaScript.

Goals: Understand and use Vue.js concepts in your own applications.

Requirements for the workshop: Bring your own laptop. You’ll need to be able to install developer tools and need to connect to the WLAN at the workshop. In the past we’ve seen problems with participants not having local Administrator access, picky corporate security software, and mandatory corporate security proxies.


  • Concepts of Vue.js
  • Setup of a first simple project
  • Setup of a project with Webpack using the Vue.js-Starter-Packages
  • Data-Binding and Events
  • Working with Components
  • Routing
  • Accessing Remote APIs
  • Build Process and Automated Tests
  • Best Practices
  • Questions-and-Answers


Trainer: Alexander Schwartz is a Principal IT Consultant at msg. He’s been in Web development for more than 15 years and enjoys agile projects and automated tests. He has been working working with Vue.js in several projects since 2016. He regularly speaks at conferences and user group meetings about about the things he is passionate about.