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It all started for fun 11 YEARS AGO

It was in the bar at the Joomladay Germany 2009 in Bau Nauheim as we said let's make an international conference. Luckily we found a cheap venue near Fankfurt and the finacial risk was quite low. So JandBeyound is born in Germany and we all had some beers and a lot of fun.

Our idea was to go beyond the usual Joomladay level and include other aspects of the web business. We also want to support the community and bringing people together that only know each other from online communication.

JAB is now a conference with a friendly atmosphere, it is meeting friends and making new ones. We as organiser try to find a theme the brings our community forward.

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Everyone who has ever attended J and Beyond knows, that our event does not only offer a great learning experience, but also connects like-minded attendees more than a usual conference. You come as a developer - you leave as a J Family Member.

This year we want to go one step further and take the conference experience to a new peak. A well-balanced programme of learning, networking and celebrating, and an open atmosphere make J and Beyond a unique experience for everyone.

We want to drag you out of your comfort zone and let you see the world beyond the J. Learn something new and different, learn new techniques, new technologies, broaden your horizon and gain benefits for your business from new insights.

bright minds are welcome!

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Lisbon is where Tech dreams big

This year, J and Beyond takes place in beautiful Lisbon, whose extraordinary stature invites you to explore the city.In addition to its unique location on the Portuguese coast, Lisbon also boasts a vibrant tech economy shaping the future of all of us and is the perfect spot for our event.

Feel the spirt of the city, feel that the future is in our hands. We are the ones that can make the difference.

If you have the chance, don't attend only the conference. Stay one or more days longer here and enjoy the city. There are also some other party places to go, just saying.